Usually you’re charged ‘gas fees’ – the cost of transacting on the blockchain – to mint an NFT. Depending on the traffic on the blockchain as you’re minting the fee can increase or decrease; the greater the traffic the higher the cost. Often it can be cheaper in the late evening or early morning.

You need to buy some cryptocurrency for purchasing, such as Coinbase, Voyager, and Ethereum. Online Photo Editor Enhance your images with a rich set of photo effects and editing tools. Sign up now to get access to the library of members-only articles. From the next screen, select the WalletConnect option if you’re using the Rainbow or Metamask wallets. Many other wallets are also supported by these connection options, so it’s worth researching each to see if your preferred wallet is usable.

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NFTs can be created using no-code NFT generators that only require a drag-and-drop interface with easy to use user interface. These generator platforms can create combinations of your selected traits without a single line of code. Now that you’ve planned out the traits and rarities of your NFTs, it’s time to create NFT art images. By the time you’re reading this, there’s probably enough crazy new NFTs for us to write a whole new article.

The Ethereum NFT token standard is ETH-721, while Binance Smart Chain’s is BEP-721. Buyers use the crypto supported on a blockchain to buy NFTs. For instance, on the Ethereum blockchain, buyers can use Ethereum tokens to make a purchase. Common NFT assets include images, music, audio, videos, and collectibles.

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If you just have the vague idea that you want to make an NFT because seemingly everyone is doing it, there are a few considerations you may want to take into account. While the platforms that we’ll cover today will let you create NFTs for free, selling them could be a different matter. Next, you’ll be asked to choose how you want to sell your NFT file. It’s not mandatory to put the asset on sale while creating it. You can also put it on sale and set minimum pricing after minting it.

  • You can make an NFT for free on either OpenSea or Mintable.
  • Choose something you want to represent your brand and resonate with your audience.
  • Selecting one of the options will help you get started on your journey of becoming a professional NFT artist.

“Timed auction” is an auction — you can set a minimum price and choose when the auction will start and how long it will last. After you’ve chosen your blockchain, you’ll want to double-check everything. And note that you won’t be able to change which blockchain the NFT is on after the fact. The QR button in the Coinbase Wallet app lets you scan a QR code to connect to NFT marketplaces or other apps that require a wallet. Ledger Nano X. Hardware wallets store your private keys offline, which are used to manage various coins and NFT assets on blockchains. When making your first NFT, think about how you can offer value to your audience.

Promoting Your NFTs and Making the World Rave About Them

The biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, for example, supports NFTs that live on the Ethereum, Klatyn, Polygon, and Solana blockchains. If you want to mint on the Binance Smart Chain, your options will include Binance NFT marketplace, Venly, and Refinable. Another reason you might want to mint an NFT is simply to understand the technology.

The process of making your NFT a part of the Ethereum blockchain is called minting. It is done when an unchangeable and tamper-proof public ledger welcomes and stores your NFTs. Then, they take some percentage of the profit as commissions gained by the sale of your NFTs. The good news is that many popular platforms have now introduced a free minting feature to create NFTs, exclusive for broke people looking to hop onto the NFT bandwagon.

Step One: Plan Out Your NFT Traits & Rarities

In this way, NFT ownership provides an immediate shared text that people can use to connect with each other. But what’s emerged more recently is a model of active ecosystem-building around NFT-native properties — leading to novel organizations developed entirely within the NFT space. These products start with an NFT series, but project forward a roadmap under which holders of the NFT gain access to an expanding array of products, activities, and experiences. Revenue from initial and subsequent NFT sales is fed back into the brand, supporting increasingly ambitious projects — which in turn drive up the value of the NFTs themselves. Thus owning an NFT effectively makes you an investor, a member of a club, a brand shareholder, and a participant in a loyalty program all at once. Discord has dramatically evolved in the past years from a gaming-oriented platform to a more encompassing place, including the NFT crypto community.

We’ll briefly touch on the setAuthority() function as it is one of the most crucial parts. This function will revoke minting privileges and ensure that we can not create additional tokens of this type. Now that you have created an NFT, the next step is to sell it to an audience. OpenSea makes this process considerably easy, allowing you to alter the pricing, set royalties, and even create auctions. So here’s the fun part, where you finally see some reward for all of your hard work.

This technology enables a new kind of "ownership" for digital files that wasn’t previously possible. NFTs can be purchased, collected, sold, and even destroyed just like physical items. Thanks to the blockchain, they come with a transparent transaction and pricing history visible to anyone with an internet connection. Unlike self-service platforms, curated ones are more selective about creators. The first standard for representing non-fungible digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain was ERC-721. Components based on the ERC-998 standard are the templates according to which NFTs can be either nonfungible or fungible assets.

how to make a nft

In the future, so many things will enter the digital world. Numerous forms of tweets, arts, creative assets, audios, and a lot more will end up in the digital world. And, we all know that people will definitely acquire and sell these digital assets in the near future. Here, when we speak about transparency – it means that the process of payment must be error-free and avoid unexpected errors.


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