4 Angelina Jolie and you can Johnny Lee Miller

Donald Trump try an excellent Gemini? Just what an effective shocker. Even when he’s already been involved with a long list of blondes, he could be started married all in all, 3 times. The guy left his first partner, Ivana Trump (Pisces) to have Marla Maples (Scorpio) as they had been viewing one another into the sneaky as he was still married that is entirely disgusting not surprising. Though there is zero larger scandal you to drove these two aside it actually was stated that a pal of Trump mentioned that he are much more within the «lust» than in «love» having Maples and he had a lot of factors once the a couple of were along with her. Like most Gemini/Scorpio dating, it started out strong however, was usually condemned to falter. Trump could have been which have Melania (Taurus) due to the fact 1998 however, he or she is got of several dating since a couple enjoys been partnered. Other shocker.

Angelina Jolie (Gemini) has already established many strange, unusual, and short-lived relationships. Certainly one of her relationship are which have Johnny Lee Miller (Scorpio) together with a couple had been hitched to have a quick big date. We understand one to men Scorpios is initial interested in the fresh new intellect and interesting personalities of your females Gemini and it will not merely choose guys—she are attracted to a lady Gemini also! Throughout the 1990’s, she was in a relationship together with her Foxfire costar Jenny Shimizu (Gemini). While Jolie was in the girl 20s and you may hooked on pills, this new Trainspotting celebrity assisted to locate this lady brush nevertheless one or two was in fact to the-again-regarding again and datingranking.net/tr/dating4disabled-inceleme/ so they was merely partnered for a few years. She then took Laura Dern’s boyfriend Billy Bob Thornton (Leo) plus the a couple of were partnered for a few many years. Fundamentally she stole Brad Pitt (Sagittarius) away from Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius) but, definitely, one relationship did not work-out either. It just demonstrates you to definitely Gemini girls quickly need the appeal but one to fire can’t burn off permanently.

step three Prince and you can Mayte Garcia

To of course you like Prince’s (Gemini) songs, his connection with Mayte Garcia (Scorpio) is actually all kinds of screwed-up. Garcia blogged regarding the relationship in her book, stating that she met brand new musician whenever she was only 16 after he greet this lady backstage. The guy wooed the woman up until she turned into 17 and he turned into the lady judge guardian and you may gone into the his house. Whenever she turned into 19, the guy informed her locate toward birth prevention and you may, better, you earn the image. They were partnered for 2 many years and you will, based on this lady book, he had been really handling and you will pushy, the guy as well as slammed this lady getting sets from the woman outfits so you’re able to the lady lbs. In addition to this, the happy couple together with sustained by way of a heartbreaking death of its newborn son which drove a beneficial wedge between them. It separated just after.

dos Bobby Kennedy and you can Marilyn Monroe

Although the two were never officially a product or service, there are a lot of hearsay with flown doing about Bobby Kennedy (Scorpio) and Marilyn Monroe (Gemini). Like any people Gemini, the blonde bombshell drawn many focus from males owed to help you the woman apperance and you will bubbly identity. The fresh new Certain Like it Sexy star try the type of lady that each and every man wanted, the type of totally free-saturated, wild lady that will let them have everything you they might maybe attention, only if they might acquire and pitfall their from inside the a cage regarding domesticity. She was not that sort of lady in the event she enjoyed the latest attract off males and she hooked up with lots of, therefore at least one of those was bound to end up being a beneficial Scorpio. The greater tantalizing relationship is actually the fresh rumored you to definitely she had having John F. Kennedy who was a Gemini. Not all the Gemini men was womanizers but JFK is actually one of them.


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